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Kalammawadi Dam Kolhapur


Kalammawadi dam is the biggest dam in Kolhapur Dist. It’s a build-in southwest Kolhapur Radhanagri Taluka. there's a temple of deity Kalamma Devi. conjointly Indian Gour area and big diversity place.


Best Time to visit

This has resulted in filling and over-flowing of all the Dams of the district. 3 automatic doors of Radhanagri dam, yet as 5 doors of Kallamawadi dam, are opened. Door nos. three and six of Radhanagari dam that was closed opened at 07.35 pm touching the flow of regarding 6,200 Cusecs of water into Bhogawati watercourse. This has resulted in a very steady rise within the level of Panchganga watercourse. The water level of pachanga went from 21.8 ft to 22.8 foot throughout the day. The Kalammawadi dam {is also|is additionally} full and therefore the flow of water also has been exaggerated to six,800 secs from the 5 open doors. Water from alternative dams like Warna, Kumbhi, Kasari, Kadvi, Kode, etc is additionally free into various rivers.