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Rankala Lake Kolhapur


Situated within the Kolhapur town of Maharashtra, Rankala Lake may be a scenic lake that boasts of serene and tranquil surroundings. An unreal lake, it was made by maharaja Shri Shahu Chhatrapati throughout his reign over the town. The lake is believed to be coupled directly with a well within the Panhala Fort. it's additionally aforesaid that Shivaji Maharaj himself crossed the lake, from the well. within the gift times, Rankala Lake is a well-liked picnic spot for the residents of Kolhapur, wherever they come to spend a while along as a family.


Strategy That Paid Off

Sometime back, the municipal corporation of the town built the Padpath Udyan, to serve the aim of providing a short walk. The lake stands encircled by the Chowpati, along with a wide variety of other gardens and pathways. the realm that surrounds the Rankala Lake was reborn into a garden and it looks to be dotted with stalls and hawkers marketing street food like bhelpuri, ragda patis, roasted corn, and alternative delicious snacks. One may choose horse riding or yachting at the lake.

As far as the history of Rankala Lake worries, it absolutely was essentially a stone quarry before century. However, the realm around this place was dazed by an earthquake around the century, that led to some form of the natural structural amendment within the quarry. an underground supply of water got opened attributable to the earthquake, that resulted within the accumulation of water within the quarry. Later, Maharaja Shri Shahu Chhatrapati got the lake made at a similar site wherever the quarry once stood.